Loizos Loizou

Loizos Loizou

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In 2008 we decided to implement our quality management system against ISO 9001 standart. Our company was approached from varius consultants to help us to do.
So we decided to work with the TIMS company because of the beginning we felt the feeling of trust, mainly because of the methodology and arguments they suggest us so as to complete this project without any negative impact to our company.

Through this project we had very good experience via our cooperation with  TIMS e.g good cooperation and communication experience not lefy margin of opposing.

After 6 years of ISO 9001 standard application we feel that we can manage any information of our company much more easier, at any time.

I would like to say that with the methodology that TIMS work’s you can cooperate with them without the product offered you increase the company operation costs.

I would like to thank TIMS for their enthusiasm and the interest that they showed in my company, their persistence in doing and completing a project correctly.

I would also like to congratulate them on their level of professionalism and on their friendly approach. I hope that they remain true and professional

as they are now in the global market.


With regards

Loizos Loizou
Managing Director
Alpaco Doors-Automations Ltd 



Alpaco Doors-Automations Ltd manufacture, install and maintain automatic doors and access control systems.

Since its founding, Alpaco Doors & Automations Ltd had a vision, concrete objectives and  true ethos.

Alpaco Doors-Automations vision is the continuous upgrading of it's products and knowledge always striving for of the highest possible level.

Alpaco Doors-Automations objective is to never hand over a system to a customer which itselves would not accept to take over for it's own personal use.